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Article posted in the Bridgeville Patch
Oct 1, 2015

Andy’s Auto Service is now open in the heart of Bridgeville on Bower Hill Road. Owner, Andrew Dugas, has been in the automotive industry his entire life. He finally made the jump, a few years ago, by leaving his full-time position at an automotive dealership to start his own business. “The main reason I wanted to start my own business is to be able to provide a solid service at an affordable price. I’m still amazed at the prices people are charged at dealerships, and price doesn’t always reflect quality.”

Andy’s Auto Service provides affordable, quality auto body and mechanical services from dent repairs to paint, from brakes to oil changes. He pretty much does it all, but specializes in collision repair. Andy’s Auto Service can repair your wrecked vehicle, bringing it back to new, with no signs of prior damage, and even work with your car insurance company to help handle the claim…all while you are driving a rental.

Andy’s Auto Service is family owned and operated, priding themselves on their strong commitment to quality work and superior customer service. Andy’s Auto offers lower labor rates and passes along discounts he receives on parts direct to his customers. “I guess it’s pretty simple, I wanted to be able to give my customers a better experience at a better price, and it seems to be working.” Andy personally guarantees all of their work!

Andy’s Auto Service started in a small garage on Carol Avenue, but quickly outgrew the space! Business is booming and he is busier than ever….to accommodate the increase in business, he recently expanded to a larger location and is now located at 718 Bower Hill Road.

Check them out online at and notice the coupons and excellent reviews!

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