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Garage accessories that address car storage problems


If you’re a gearhead or someone who craves automotive culture, the garage is your haven, the one room where you and your car can congregate for restoration, repair or cleaning without being bothered.

While every other room in your home is meant to be lived in and, therefore, is expected to remain clean, the garage is an area where dirt, dust and grime are acceptable because it means that progress is being made.

But while almost every do-it-yourself auto technician is likely to have a mechanic’s tool set, hydraulic floor jack and a creeper, there are a few unusual accessories that aren’t necessary, but can help elevate your garage to new heights.

Garage Turntable

When you think of a turntable, chances are that either a DJ’s record player or a Lazy Susan commonly found atop a dining room table come to mind.

But a turntable designed to easily rotate your car so it’s facing a certain direction without having to perform a three-point turn does exist.

It may sound bizarre, but people do have them installed in either their driveway or garage.

Henry Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan estate, for example, included an automobile turntable. And so did the home of Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile, which was the first car manufacturer to use a turntable on the assembly line in 1902.

Now, though, car turntables are only practical for those with money to spend since the average home installation costs around $35,000.

Automotive Elevator

Own four vehicles, but only have a two-car garage? This common problem can be solved with an automotive elevator designed to stack cars two-high.

Car elevators, which vary greatly in price, allow you to park one vehicle under another, thus maximizing your garage’s storage capacity.

It’s a great way to store an antique or classic car that only gets driven during the summer months while also having space for your daily driver in the garage.

Though, if you want this to be the end all solution to your storage constraints, be prepared to pay. Custom built automotive elevators can cost upwards of $3,000 and require a garage that has a clearance of at least 12 feet.

Car Capsule

It’s a proven fact that storing your vehicle in a garage safely protects it from the elements – like UV rays, rain and snow – that cause paint fading and rust. But what about all the dust, musty air or mildew that’s inevitably in your garage?

Sure, a tarp or car cover could do the trick. But, for a few thousand dollars and an added layer of protection, go for a car capsule.

And since most car capsules have a built-in evaporative system, the air temperature inside the zippered walls remains constant, thus eliminating harmful moisture that could damage the vehicle’s mechanical components.

A basic capsule, which is just an inflatable plastic lining enclosed on four sides, retails for $500, while the outdoor version that can act as a stand-alone garage for those who lack one, can cost as much as $5,300.

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