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Andy’s Auto Service holds exciting, informational and interactive workshops for drivers of all ages and experience levels!

These workshops are held in our automotive shop. The goal is to offer valuable information and tools that allow participants to be responsible and safe drivers, as well as prepare them for the unexpected with hands on learning. And since this experience isd outside of a classroom environment, it’s meant to be fun, unique and memorable.

Upcoming New and Soon-to-be New Driver Workshops:

• Thursday, May 10: 6-8:30 p.m.

“New and Soon-to-Be New Driver” Interactive Workshop

Geared toward new and soon-to-be new drivers, the workshop allows those ages 14 and up to become safe and responsilbe behind the wheel, while teaching them how to best care for and maintain an automobile. The Bridgeville Police Department also participates by outlining how to properly react in a multitude of scenarios, including police interactions, and discussing the importance of not texting while driving.

After successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Change a flat tire
  • Jump start a car
  • Understand the basic fundamentals of an engine
  • Check and refill engine fluids
  • Understand what to do in the event of an accident
  • Understand what to do during a police interaction
  • And more…

Upon completion of this workshop, students sign a “Road Safety Promise” and receive a “New Driver Package.”

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