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“My 17 year old daughter’s car needed some TLC, it has low miles but needed some body repair and a “fresh, new look” I asked Andy Auto Service to repaint the whole car.

Andy did the body work, replaced the bumper, got it inspected, did an oil change and finally…a full paint job. I was very impressed because not only was the price very affordable, but the car now looks “brand new”! My daughter was even speechless and said “It is so much better than I expected”.

I’ve done work in the past on my own cars, so I can appreciate the fact that Andy did the job right. He removed the headlights, taillights, and all of the trim before painting…a professional job finished by a full detail…all at a great price. I can trust Andy with all of my vehicles since now I know first hand the only way he does it – is the right way!”

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