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Oct 1, 2015

Cool Car Apps! Download these free apps to your smartphone!

  • IWrecked – indispensable after an accident, especially if your shaken up. This app guides you through the details you need to take note of – from the time and place, to the other drivers insurance info – shoot pictures of the damage with your phone’s camera and export an accident report as a PDF. Can’t drive home? iWrecked can suggest nearby taxi and towing services.
  • RepairPal: record your car’s repair history and get a check list of maintenance you need to schedule. To help judge any shops estimate, lookup a local price range for more than 100 types of repairs. In trouble? You can also connect to roadside assistance network and pay just for service you use.
  • for negotiating know-how, take kelly blue book’s app with you to the lot. It wizzes you through a series of swipes – year, make, model, features – before spitting out a suggested value, which you can adjust based on the vehicles mileage and condition and type of seller.
  • pull up photos, reviews and data to research a car – then see a map with dealerships near you that have the model you want in stock. When your face-to-face with a smooth talking car salesman, use Edmunds proprietary true market value number – the average selling price for that model in your area – for ammunition.
  • Gas Buddy: With gas circling $4 dollars a gallon, you may be a especially motivated to shave off a few pennies. Use Gas Buddy to find nearby stations with the lowest prices.
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