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Making a New Year’s resolution that you’ll actually want to keep


Whenever one year winds down and the following is in its initial stages, it’s common to outline a list that details what you want to change about your life in the new year. These resolutions, which are meant to help one achieve a personal goal, typically revolve around exercising, eating healthy and curbing wasteful spending.

But although it may be easy to say that you’ll hit the gym three times per week in 2018 and stick to your diet, who actually has the time or motivation to do so?

However, if you’re a gearhead who craves automotive culture, knows how to tinker with the carburetor on a 1969 Chevy Camaro and wished you could stunt drive like Steve McQueen in Bullitt, don’t bother with these standard New Year’s resolutions.

Rather, if you make a resolution aimed at improving your car, and not yourself, you may actually be inclined to uphold it for the next 12 months.

Get That Body into Shape

It’s true, most New Year’s resolutions are concerned with body image – whether it’s shedding fat, getting toned or building muscle. So, the one you set your car doesn’t have to stray far from this notion.

Simply substitute the money you’d spend for a year’s gym membership on bodywork for your daily driver or classic car if it has an excessive amount of scratches, dings and/or rust.

Just like getting your body in shape, there’s no better way to ring in the new year than by taking the first step to transforming your car into the ride of your dreams with a fresh paint job or bodywork.

And once it’s “toned,” you can begin the bulking process by adding muscle to your car through performance upgrades, like exhaust and air take kits, so you’ll have a beast of a machine this time next year.

Spoil Your Ride

Always wanted to get a remote start system installed so you wouldn’t have to brave the cold every morning to warn up the car? Or, have your eye on a new stereo system or wheels but just haven’t been able to pull the trigger?

If you have the money now, go for it instead of putting off the upgrades year after year. Sure, cars are transportation. But they’re also meant to reflect personal style and choice. And if you keep putting the upgrades off year after year, you may not have the funds to do them in the future.

Drive, Drive and Drive Some More

Some cars look good sitting in a garage as a conversation piece, waiting to be commented on by those who stop by for a visit. But unless you own a one-of-a-kind car, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be enjoyed on the road.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to your daily driver since, let’s be honest, you may spend enough time cooped up in it during rush hour traffic to and from work.

But if you own a second or third vehicle or classic car that’s been sitting in the garage waiting to be driven, blow the dust off and go for a cruise. Trust me, both you and your car will be thankful for it.

For more car-related tips, or to have bodywork done on your classic car so it looks as good as it drives, give Andy’s Auto Service in Bridgeville a call at 412-478-9304 to schedule a FREE estimate.


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