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Saving the Most When Buying a Brand-New Car

Save Money on Your Brand-New Car

You’ve decided it’s time to buy a brand-new car, now how to go about getting the best deal? It’s no secret that timing alone can save you thousands of dollars on a new vehicle. Timing alone can help reduce your monthly payment and/or get you some attractive financing incentives.

Buying a Brand-New Car

Purchasing a vehicle at the end of the month, at the end of a quarter, at the end of the year and believe it or not, even at the end of the day can help secure the best possible deal. Dealerships and sales reps have regular goals and quotas to meet, and while it’s no guarantee, you can be assured your chances of getting a better deal increase when purchasing close to those deadlines.

Another good time to buy is July through October as dealerships sell off cars at lower prices to clear space for the new year models. Oftentimes financing incentives are available as well.

Holidays are a very good time to see what is being offered, if you don’t mind spending Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Thanksgiving weekend shopping for a new car. Dealerships sometimes offer special financing and discounts around holidays and long holiday weekends to help promote sales.

No matter when you buy, you should always be an educated consumer. Know the difference between buying and leasing, know what vehicles meet your needs and lifestyle by doing research online in advance, know competitors inventory by “shopping” online as often as possible, know your budget in advance using online payment calculators, and try to narrow down your choices before you arrive in person, if possible.

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