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“Ok so this is actually my second post. I was online and happend to see my review of andys was not there and not sure why. I dont post much but certainly with the xperience I had I certainly felt that he deserved some recognition.

I do most of the work on my own car however didn’t have time to make a repair and called my usual shop (or so I thought since I was in a hurry). I happened to get andys. Never heard of it but thought I’d just get some pricing. He was very personable, professional, and had answered all my questions.

I let him know I had never used him and long story short he worked me in the next day so I had to give him a shot. Had great pricing, unlike some shops, and a sincere willingness to make sure I was satisfied. I was so impressed I went back a few times and even had my dad now leave his usual guy.

I would highly recommend him to everyone. By chance I also learned his main area is body work and just so happened that my wife’s car was in an accident lately and have put her car on hold with the shop who was going to fix (and I know them, and have had work done by them them seveal times as they always do excellent work).

In this instance I am willing to stick with him. We all know we can go the next shop, the next store, the next doctor, etc when we have a bad experience, but I also feel that the service and professionalism displayed by Andy certainly deserves to be recognized.”