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Jeremy Z.

“Person-who-shall-remain-nameless (not me!) backed up into a wall with our new VW Beetle Turbo and caused $2200 worth of damage. Andy’s Auto repaired it for us, and we have to say that it has been the best experience dealing with an auto service yet. Our car came back to us looking better than before the accident..

They go above and beyond, and their great customer service and response time has been top-notch which is such a rarity nowadays. Take your vehicle here for damage repair, Andy is an artiste! Oh they also have these ‘New Driver Workshops’ around once a month that somebody-who-shall-remain-nameless will need to attend.

Probably good for anyone to take if you want to learn how to change a tire properly, jump start, fluid measuring and changing, a bunch of helpful tips… Five stars!! Best in South Hills of Pittsburgh”

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