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How to Know if you are Working with an Honest Mechanic

There are lots of shops around town to choose from, some offer mechanical repair, some offer collision repair and some shops offer both. Who’s hands are trustworthy when it comes to your car? Here are some ideas that will guide you to finding a shop that stands out from all the others:

  • Check Online Reviews and Testimonials: Today, more than ever, it’s just a Google or Facebook search away to see what people are saying about businesses across America, and in your  backyard. People are honest in leaving reviews and testimonials about services and experiences they have encountered and you can use this information to your advantage by taking just a few minutes to do some quick online research.

We at Andy’s Auto Service in Bridgeville, have earned an outstanding feedback rating on both Google and Facebook from real customers. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation within the community and beyond, as we have loyal customers that travel from many miles outside the Pittsburgh area just to use our services. We encourage all of our customers to leave online feedback!  Check out ours here:

  • What is their Reputation in the Community: A company’s reputation is a direct reflection of what online reviews show in addition to what your friends, family and neighbors say. Ask around for recommendations and referrals from friends, relatives and co-workers. Chances are they have experienced auto repair scenarios and can either refer you or steer you clear of a particular business.

It says something when a company is built on a solid word-of-mouth reputation. The majority of our customers chose Andy’s Auto Service because a friend, relative or online review has given them the confidence to try us out. Once they give us a chance, they usually become a customer for life!

  • Do they offer Quality Parts and Service: Does the shop support using quality OEM parts? Will the shop be your advocate if an insurance company writes for a used/aftermarket part instead of OEM parts on an estimate? Asking these key questions will help you determine if a shop has car’s best interests at heart. These are important questions since it should be the goal of the shop to restore your car back to its original condition or better. How about service? When speaking to the team at a shop; Are they knowledgeable? Are they informative? Did they take the time to treat you with respect and care? Always listen to your gut, if you feel something isn’t right, it’s probably not. Trust yourself.

Andy’s Auto Service recommends using quality OEM parts to restore your vehicle back to new condition, when possible. We are outspoken about quality and have no problem having the needed conversations directly with insurance companies about our commitment to that quality. When they write for parts other than OEM, we take the time to make requests for the correct parts, when possible. This costs the customer not a penny more and using the right quality parts is important to restore your car back to manufacture standards and we work as your advocate to get the right parts to do the right job. We offer our expertise and are your personal advocate. We work for you, not insurance companies. Our knowledge, experience and service is nothing less than outstanding and we will continue to always do what is best for our customer. We always take the time to ensure you understand what is needed, and are always honest and reliable. Our reputation is our business and we pride ourselves on our quality service.

  • Do they Offer a Guarantee:Does the shop stand behind their work? If the shop you ultimately choose does not offer any sort of warranty or guarantee on the work they do, clearly they, themselves do not trust their own work. Use this as an indicator to keep looking for a shop that can stand behind their work with integrity and pride.

We don’t have a fancy shop, we don’t have a fancy waiting room, we don’t do expensive advertising, but we DO Guarantee our work! Learn more here: We only produce top-notch, quality workmanship, investing in the best parts, the best paints, the best tools and precision craftsmanship – and the end product shows. We don’t let cars leave our shop unless they’re perfect. We stand behind our work and you benefit from affordable pricing because we are not a fancy, Taj Mahal shop, we focus on the projects.

  • Do they have a Passion for all things Cars: Passion could possibly be the most important element here and if you think about it, it really applies to any industry;  teachers, doctors and even law enforcement. If you can do business with a team that loves what they do, you will usually have an all-around positive experience from customer service to parts, from price to quality craftsmanship.

At Andy’s Auto, we happen to be overflowing with passion! We eat, sleep and breathe cars! Our team members have been around cars since first learning to walk. We have worked on our own car projects since our early teens making our parents crazy with late-night garage projects. We are lucky enough to love what we do and to be able to do it every day is a special gift. We balance out our technical/mechanical days with fun by offering hands-on interactive workshops geared to new teen drivers and female drivers. Learn more here: We like to sharing our knowledge and have lots of fun while doing it. It’s just what we do! 

Need an estimate? Want to schedule an appointment? Visit Andy’s Auto Service online at or call 412-478-9304.

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